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100 IoT ideas Community engagement Development of IoT objects Production and deployment of IoT objects Gathering feedback Publication and policy influence Commissioning craftspeople Craft project videos

100 IoT ideas

Using the themes identified through the craft commissions stage and the insights gained from engaging with experts as a focus, we undertake an intensive short period of speculative concept development. We will rapidly explore multiple ideas that within the time constraints of the project would have been impractical to investigate through a making/prototyping process.

Community engagement

Using the thinking from the ‘100 ideas’ stage as a foundation, we will undertake a series of co-creative workshops and focused conversations with local people/groups/communities in order to focus our thinking on a local context, and to secure participants and develop open briefs for the next design phase.

Development of IoT objects

Responding to these briefs we will co-develop concepts for bespoke IoT artifacts for a small number of the people/groups/communities.

Production and deployment of IoT objects

Craft a range of robust IoT artifacts for the individuals/groups/communities to live with over an extended period. This will ‘test’ the value of our design responses in real world contexts. The design and production process will be exhaustively documented and shared online so that designs can be reproduced/evolved by others.

Gathering feedback

Through open ended interviews and other engagement activities with the participants we will gather feedback from the deployments.

Publication and policy influence

The project will culminate in conference contributions, publication in appropriate journals, a final workbook, an exhibition of the project outcomes, and other public engagement activities. Outcomes will work towards an overarching set of route maps towards a preferred future and the specific directions of travel required to get there.

Craft project videos

View videos of the craft projects here: