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Through the various phases of the project (see the timeline in the When section(Link) we are using a range of open, creative, co-creative and participatory methods to explore this space and communicate outcomes, including; 

  1. A series of highly exploratory craft-oriented material and process investigations that provide alternative visions and narratives around networked things. 
  2. Convening of subject experts (i.e. relevant arts and humanities scholars and industry partners) and context experts (i.e. engaged local citizens, groups, third sector organisations), and through the use of citizen juries, interrogate the issues underlying each internet health question and our phase 1 responses in order to focus and frame direction. 
  3. A series of co-creation labs involving a small selection of individuals/groups to focus the outcomes of phase 2 on local context and develop design briefs. 
  4. Responding to these briefs, create robust bespoke IoT artifacts, for individuals/families/communities to live with over an extended period, and so ‘test’ the value of our design responses in real world contexts.
  5. Curate an exhibition salon to critique and showcase outcomes, the results of which will be synthesized to provide a Roadmap: an overarching set of routes to a preferred future and the specific directions of travel required to get there.