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Sean Kingsley – hiCraft Reflections – Part 7 (Gold Circuits)

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LED circuit

Playing around with very basic circuits. It is comical, but the information for this sort of thing quickly becomes technical – with (justifiable) reference to resistance, current and voltage. It is easy to imagine an LED would fail if mains electricity was attached to it – but not so easy if it is attached to a common battery. So you need to know that and then you need to be able to find out what the specifications for the LED are. Then find out, in ohms law, what resistors to use to limit the current running through the LED so as not to overpower it.

Instead, just needing to see if it will work, this circuit is put together.

In discussing the potential for using gold lustre as a circuit, it is suggested that a finger could act as a switch in a circuit.

Circuit Diagram

Rudimentary drawings for making a clay test on which to paint gold circuit.

I don’t bisque fire my pots.


Working out where to put the lustre

The fired results

Getting the battery installed.

Battery Installation

The surface of the clay was too lumpy to ensure a good connection to the battery, so aluminium foil was used as an interface.

Blue tac works well as a temporary fixer.

…with bluetack

The holes can be filled out with aluminium foil or solder.

Holes Filled

Connections are very insecure.

This works…


… but only with a button switch. Just a thumb does not work.