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Sean Kingsley – hiCraft Reflections – Part 5

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This is a brief overview of some of the explorations in hiCraft.
There are independent projects emerging, captured by sketchbook, camera conversations and reflections.

“How does it feel to be made”

This still has legs…

“Anstruther clay”

“Ladies curling rink”

As the clay dries out, thought turn to Jon’s suggestion that something is made from the clay and taken back to the place it was dug. I wonder how we can invoke the spirit of the ladies who used to curl at the site of our first dug hole.

Gold lustre seems to conduct well. Test are being made to see how electronics can be more tightly integrated into ceramics.

Tricky ceramics

“Puzzle jug”

“Dead Ringer bowls”

“Pythagoras cup”

“Cadogan teapot”

“Kimchi jar”

The conversation with Justin, Jon and Jayne brought out some suggestions of objects that might promote rich discussions for the next hiCraft group. This made me think a Puzzle jug that indicated it to the user they would not spill anything when it was held in a particular way, but then did would be a double trick. It could play on the trust we give in sensors, our electronic devices and the IoT. Capacitive buttons and circuits based on gold lustre is the way forward. Perhaps a randomness generator based on something on the web. The weather? Daily bomb use total across the world?